Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress achieves a balance between fast paced gameplay and strategic planning which is rare for an FPS. It isn’t just about twitch reactions, and it isn’t a slow paced, realistic squad shooter. Team Fortress combines the game modes, weapons, and dynamics from all of the best multiplayer FPS’s and puts them into one incredible game.

You start the game by picking a class (I mostly play scouts; they’re squishy but fast). You can choose to play a traditional role such as the Medic, Soldier, or Sniper, or try something more unusual like the spy or the engineer. Each class has its own health and speed stats, as well as a variety of weapons for different situations. More weapons can be unlocked through achievements or by using real world money. The classes are expertly balanced, owing to the game’s long history, active community and skilled developers. To really get good at TF2, you’ll need to understand not just your own class, but everyone else’s.

The range of classes in TF2 means that different game modes play very differently depending on the class you’re playing. TF2 keeps all the traiditional game modes which you’d expect of an online shooter, but also adds a whole range of new modes, which are all incredibly fun. Here’s a summary of 2 of the best:

1. Payload

In Payload there is a train full of bombs. It is on rails, and at either end of these rails is a base, one for each team. The idea of the game is to push the train to the opposing teams base, and prevent them from pusing it to yours. You push the train by having members of your team nearby. The attack/defend dynamic means that different classes can function in different ways. You often rely on heavies to go in and move the class while snipers sit back and cover the train.

2. Mann versus Machine

Added fairly recently, MvM is a co-op game mode. You and your team mates must defend your base from waves of robots. Defensive classes such as heavies and engineers work well in this mode, and snipers and medics also play a part. You can upgrade your character after each wave depending on the number of kills you had in the previous wave.

The variety and simplicity of Team Fortress 2 means that it will appeal to almost everyone. Whether you want something fast paced or slow and tactical, the choice of game modes and classes mean that you’ll be able to find something you enjoy.

The game is very easy to pick up, but difficult to master, and the game is fun at every point on the learning curve. Steam’s ever developing community features make it easy to play with friends, and the multiplayer focus means that online play is competitive and fun.

TL:DR: TF2 might be the best FPS ever made. It condenses everything that works about the genre into one free to play package. The game modes are unique and interesting and the simplicity and ease of play make TF2 very easy to get started with. Find it on Steam and get playing.


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