Maximum Frustration 2

Maximum Frustration 2 is designed to be frustrating and difficult. It makes no sense; blocks disappear, or kill you, or bounce you into death blocks for no obvious reason. Pathways which seem clear are really death traps, and blocks which seem like they’d obviously kill you actually help you reach the end of the level.

If you want to reach the end of this game you won’t just need to be good at platformers. You’ll also need to be patient, and have a very good memory. You have an infinite number of lives, and you can restart at the beginning of the level you are on when you die. This makes the game painfully replayable; it’s hard to stop playing when you realise where a trap is, and how to get round it.

Maximum Frustration 2 does a lot of interesting things, and has some clever level design. One level, for instance, reverses your controls half way through. While you might adjust fairly quickly, it’s easy to forget when you’re trying to time a jump, or avoid a death block. It’s also easy to get stuck into the habit of reversed controls; When I reached the end of the level I had to readjust when the controls went back to normal.

While Maximum Frustration 2 is interesting it doesn’t really do anything that hasn’t been seen in the masocore genre before. If you’ve played ‘Shobon no Action’ or ‘I want to be the Guy’ you’ll be very familiar with the kinds of traps which will be set. The game’s very short, but this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given that it’s browser based. There is a level editor, which may extend the game’s lifespan if you want to play more. If you like masocore games or you just want to try something really difficult and annoying, give this game a try.

TL:DR: A platformer which is purposefully difficult and annoying. Clever, fun, but ultimately unoriginal.


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