I don’t know what I am. I’m made up of round and half-round shapes and I think I swim. The world is blue and I glide through it, searching for creatures to eat. The more I eat, the bigger I get.

FlOw is a game where you control what appears to be a creature. The game is purposefully ambiguous but the imagery suggests that the game is set in the sea. You move using the mouse; your creature moves towards your mouse when you hold down left click. Movement is always smooth, and the elegance of the FlOw is part of what makes it so addictive.

The clean visuals and deep audio, combined with the game’s one button controls, make FlOw remarkably simple. It is this simplicity, combined with the game’s coherence, that make Fl0w so appealing. There is something captivating about swimming around looking for things to eat.

FlOw is free, browser based, and you can play it here.

TL:DR: A simple game where you control a small creature, and swim in search of other creatures. Beautiful, simple, and addictive.


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