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Free Christmas Games

It’s Christmas Eve! Hopefully you’ll be getting lots of non-free games for Christmas. In the meantime, here are 3 free Christmas games which you can play in your browser. Holly Jolly Pyromaniac Control Father Christmas as he traditionally bombs the houses of rebellious elves. Nothing too complicated but a reasonably fun game to kill a […]

Dwarf Fortress Diary: Goblins Attack!

This week in dwarf fortress: Furniture problems: At first, there was not enough furniture. Now there is too much. The dwarves have created a storage area to keep furniture from overflowing the stockpiles. The Office(s): If someone made a sitcom about a dwarf office they’d have created an awful program about dark and empty rooms. […]

The Best Gaming Podcasts

Podcasts are those wonderful shows which you can pop on to listen to people chat about things you like. There are many podcasts about games, but not all of them are good. Luckily, there are at least 3 which are worth listening to: A Life Well Wasted Every episode of A Life Well Wasted is […]


In Perspective you control a small two dimensional character, as well as a first person camera. You can switch between the two at any point. The world is three dimensional, but the character you control treats it as though it is 2D. He can run on the blue parts of the world, but will die […]

Dwarf Fortress Diary: Udil goes beserk

When we last saw the dwarves, they were building workshops and smoothing the walls and floors of the dining rooms. The plan today is to craete a regular source of food. The best way to do this is to create a farm. Farms can be built above or below ground; we’ll be building one below […]

Guest Post: Top Ten Free Online Games

Here’s a guest post which I wrote for Ninety Nine Percent Gaming. It’s a run down of the 10 best free browser games. Find it here: Guest Post: Top Ten Free Online Games.


What would you do if you were trapped in a small cave with some wood, a vine, and a pair of glasses? I’m not quite sure either, but I figured it out… or at least, I combined objects until something happened (much like ‘Alchemy’ on iphone and android). Escaping the cave felt like an achievement […]