Hanger is a simple game. You control a character swinging from a string. You can choose to extend or retract the string by pressing space. You can slowly move left or right with the arrow keys, but the best way to gain momentum is by swinging. You can swing from your string and it’s very easy to pick up lots of speed; but this can be dangerous. The faster you’re travelling the more damage you’ll take when you crash into something.


Levels are filled with a variety of obstacles, and your rag doll character will lose limbs based on how fast you’re moving. The faster you go, the more limbs you’ll lose. Once you’re down to just an arm you’ll have to restart the level.

When you get the timing right, you can flow through Hanger’s levels with Spiderman-esque grace. Get the timing wrong and you’ll smack into wall and ceilings, bringing your smooth movement to an abrupt stop.


The graphics are very simple, but they really don’t matter. The music is occasionally annoying, but fits in with the gameplay for the most part.

TL:DR: You swing from and between blocks as you aim to reach the end of the level. Simple and fun, play it in your browser here.


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