King Arthur’s Gold

I’ve spent the past five minutes building a tower. It’s made up of stone and a system of doors that lets my team through, but blocks out the opposition. It has an archery point and quarters for healing health. But it doesn’t matter. As soon as the enemy gets close my tower comes under attack from a barrage of bombs and pickaxes. The tower falls, and I’m crushed inside. How do I react? I build another.


The early stages…


The finished tower

King Arthur’s Gold is a 2D side scrolling game where the main game mode is Capture the Flag. Each round normally starts with a building phase where the teams can’t reach each other. The world is made up of different blocks, each with their own propeties. Stone, for instance, is strong, and good for building defences. Wooden bridges allow your own team to walk over them, but will make opposing team members fall. Spike traps damage anyone that falls onto them, and are best placed in pits and against walls.

There are 3 classes: Archer, Knight and Builder. Knights have the most health and can use swords, shields and bombs. Archers can fire a bow and arrow, but are more susceptible to attack than Knights. These two combat classses both require timing and precision to do the most damage.


The final class, the Builder, gives the game its identity. Builders can place blocks and mine through them very quickly. They are useful for creating bases and also for helping their team attack the opposition’s base. They don’t do much damage and are very vunerable to attack.

Whilst Builders are maybe the most popular class, it’s the Archers and Knights which are the most unique and interesting. The combat favours timing, patience and planning. Both Archers and Knights need to charge their attacks to do maximum damage. This means that Knights will often need to wait behind their shields before unleashing a fully charged attack. Archers will need to emerge from cover at the right moment while adjusting their aim based on how much power is behind their shot.

The unique combat and building system make King Arthur’s Gold interesting and fun. Building is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the game but it’s easy to change class so in any round you can enjoy every aspect of the. Download King Arthur’s Gold here.




  1. I’ve played this before, definitely a fan!

    1. Yeah it’s awesome! I played it regularly a while back but getting back into again now.

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