Dwarf Fortress Diary: The Beginning

Dwarf Fortress is one of my favourite free games; if you can spare some time, I’d recommend that you give it a try. It’s well worth it. After a bit of effort spent learning the basics, you’ll be ready to go.

This blog is a first of a series that will provide weekly updates on the progress of my Dwarf Fortress game. I’m starting a new one today and the series will run for as long as I can keep the fortress going (which might not be very long). If you hvae any ideas about how you’d like the fortress to progress, leave a comment. I’d love this fortress to be shaped by other people’s ideas.

The expedition is lead by Mosus Oslantinoth, the miner. He and his band of 7 dwarves have set out to establish a fortress of their own. Amongst the band of dwarves there are farmers, metalsmiths, and carpenters, all ready to lend a hand in creating a mighty underground home.

Here is where the dwarves will start their home:

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Dwarf FortressDwarf Fortress07/12/2012 , 17:34:55

The dwarves begin by mining into the side of a nearby cliff. They stockpile the goods they have and collect wood from chopping down trees. I’ve set out a plan for the first few rooms. Here’s what it looks like so far:

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Dwarf FortressDwarf Fortress07/12/2012 , 23:01:32

Each of the main rooms will house workshops, which will be surrounded by stockpiles of the goods that the dwarves will need for their crafting. Luckily, when mining out the rooms the dwarves struck platinum; a highly valuable metal. It will come in handy later but for now it’ll go straight to the stockpile. Here’s how the workshop area has progressed so far:

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Dwarf FortressDwarf Fortress08/12/2012 , 00:29:12

Below the workshop area is the main meeting area/dining hall. The walls are being smoothed and hopefully engraved. Dwarves get happy thoughts when they see engravings and they’ll be spending a lot of time in the meeting area:

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Dwarf Fortress<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Dwarf Fortress<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 08/12/2012 , 00:30:56

Food is the most pressing issue. I plan to create an underground farm which can be flooded to create fertile soil. But that will hopefully be something to talk about in the next update. For now, there is a meeting area and a few basic workshops setup. Here’s hoping to a long and prosperous fortress.

If you have any ideas about how you’d like this fortress to progress, leave a comment! I’d love this to be driven by your suggestions (they’re going to be better than my own ideas). Should I build bedrooms next, or a farm? Let me know!


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