Football Superstars

I don’t like football. So why do I play Football Superstars? Once you’ve played the game, it’s pretty clear why non-football fans can enjoy this game; it isn’t anything like football. Passes are rarely accurate, and when they are, people often fail to realise they’re being passed to. Players run into one another repeatadly in an attempt to get the ball. But if football was really like Football Superstars, then it might be more entertaining to watch.

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A lot of the game is borderline ridiculous. The fame system, for instance, sees you visiting members of the press to conduct interviews. I’ve yet to realise what fame does. You can also buy pizzas, sunglasses, and drinks at the nightclub. Most of these things don’t seem to have any impact on the actual game.

The game itself can be tricky. The control system takes time to learn, and the movement is often clunky and difficult. The first games you can play are 5-a-side, with an AI goal keeper. The keeper’s behaviour is erratic at best: one minute it’s fantastic diving saves, the next, the ball simply rolls into the goal uncontested.

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0;Football SuperstarsFSClientR09/12/2012 , 23:13:11

But for all of its faults, Football Superstars is fun to play. The training system means that you can customise your character, and dedicated players can even create their own clubs. The difficulty of the control system means that when things move smoothly, it’s a joy to watch.

I was surprised to find that it’s now on Steam; so it’s easy to download. If you like sports games it’s certainly worth a try.


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