The Best Gaming Podcasts

Podcasts are those wonderful shows which you can pop on to listen to people chat about things you like. There are many podcasts about games, but not all of them are good. Luckily, there are at least 3 which are worth listening to:

A Life Well Wasted

Every episode of A Life Well Wasted is amazing, which is annoying because there are only 6 of them. It doesn’t look like there will be any more released any time soon, but you should definitely listen to this podcast. Each episode explores a particular topic, for instance asking “Why Game?”. The thoughtful style of A Life Well Wasted is a refreshing change of pace, you can listen to it here.

Maximum PC

Maximum PC is a podcast about (you guessed it) PC’s. It isn’t just about gaming, and covers hardware topics such as PC building. The podcast does cover a great deal of gaming topics and it’s well worth listening to for the gaming side of things alone. The rapport of the presenters makes the show funny and the rants at the end of the show are a particular favourite of mine. This is the one podcast on this list which appears to still be active so kudos to Maximum PC. Listen to their podcast here.

Rock Paper Shotgun

These podcasts may all be worth listening to but only one of them is still active. Are podcasts are dying media? Who knows, but they shouldn’t be. Rock Paper Shotgun is the gaming news site of choice for a great many people (myself included) and their podcast has the same mix of fun and quality content that you’ll find on their website. Hopefully they’ll pick the podcast up again soon, but until then there’s an entire backlog to listen to.


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