Trackmania Nations

Trackmania is about driving. It’s not a sim, but it captures what’s great about racing. When you get your line right, the driving is smooth and fast, but crashes are brutal and ludicrous.


The goal is to set the fastest time, and you can restart at the beginning of the track at any time. This makes Trackmania a game about perfection. When you smash into a barrier you’ll realise where you went wrong, and you’ll be able to restart to improve your time.

Multiplayer is frantic, though the competition is not direct. In multiplayer games you have a limited amount of time to set lap times. This means that towards the end of the time limit it is a mad rush to try and shave miliseconds off your time to top the leaderboard. But there is a major problem with the multiplayer; to encourage you to buy a full version of the game, you have to sit out a round once in a while. This becomes annoying and it didn’t make me want to buy the game.


TL:DR: Trackmania is a game for everyone. It’s simple and fast, and a huge amount of fun.


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