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Dwarf Fortress Diary: Goblins Attack!

This week in dwarf fortress: Furniture problems: At first, there was not enough furniture. Now there is too much. The dwarves have created a storage area to keep furniture from overflowing the stockpiles. The Office(s): If someone made a sitcom about a dwarf office they’d have created an awful program about dark and empty rooms. […]

Dwarf Fortress Diary: Udil goes beserk

When we last saw the dwarves, they were building workshops and smoothing the walls and floors of the dining rooms. The plan today is to craete a regular source of food. The best way to do this is to create a farm. Farms can be built above or below ground; we’ll be building one below […]

Dwarf Fortress Diary: The Beginning

Dwarf Fortress is one of my favourite free games; if you can spare some time, I’d recommend that you give it a try. It’s well worth it. After a bit of effort spent learning the basics, you’ll be ready to go. This blog is a first of a series that will provide weekly updates on […]