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Jumping is essential to platformers. Without it, they wouldn’t work. At all. How would you move betwen platforms if you couldn’t jump? So essential is jumping to platformers, that it hasn’t often been changed. Occasionally you can double jump, or  jump off of walls. But that’s normally the extent of the dynamic. JNKPlat adds a […]

Why games should be smooth (Canvas Rider)

There is an aspect of gaming which does not get enough attention. You could call it “smoothness”. It’s connected to the idea of “flow”. Flow is the feeling of being immersed and focused. Flow is like being “In the zone” or “On a roll”. Games are better and more immersive when they allow you to […]

Trackmania Nations

Trackmania is about driving. It’s not a sim, but it captures what’s great about racing. When you get your line right, the driving is smooth and fast, but crashes are brutal and ludicrous. The goal is to set the fastest time, and you can restart at the beginning of the track at any time. This […]


In Perspective you control a small two dimensional character, as well as a first person camera. You can switch between the two at any point. The world is three dimensional, but the character you control treats it as though it is 2D. He can run on the blue parts of the world, but will die […]


What would you do if you were trapped in a small cave with some wood, a vine, and a pair of glasses? I’m not quite sure either, but I figured it out… or at least, I combined objects until something happened (much like ‘Alchemy’ on iphone and android). Escaping the cave felt like an achievement […]

Football Superstars

I don’t like football. So why do I play Football Superstars? Once you’ve played the game, it’s pretty clear why non-football fans can enjoy this game; it isn’t anything like football. Passes are rarely accurate, and when they are, people often fail to realise they’re being passed to. Players run into one another repeatadly in […]

King Arthur’s Gold

I’ve spent the past five minutes building a tower. It’s made up of stone and a system of doors that lets my team through, but blocks out the opposition. It has an archery point and quarters for healing health. But it doesn’t matter. As soon as the enemy gets close my tower comes under attack […]