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Another (less specific) blog

I’ve created a new blog, which is intended to be less specific than this one. I’ll be carrying on with reviews of free pc games for now. You can find the new blog at Enjoy! Advertisements

The Best Gaming Podcasts

Podcasts are those wonderful shows which you can pop on to listen to people chat about things you like. There are many podcasts about games, but not all of them are good. Luckily, there are at least 3 which are worth listening to: A Life Well Wasted Every episode of A Life Well Wasted is […]

Guest Post: Top Ten Free Online Games

Here’s a guest post which I wrote for Ninety Nine Percent Gaming. It’s a run down of the 10 best free browser games. Find it here: Guest Post: Top Ten Free Online Games.

Guest Post – Coma Review

Today’s post is a guest post from Ninety Nine Percent Gaming – a site which I love. They have a tonne of articles, features and reviews with unique and well substantiated opinions. Click here to visit their site. Coma Review We all have our dark times, days when we feel as if we’re walking around […]

Review: Cave Story

Cave Story’s throwback appeal isn’t just surface deep. The 8-bit graphics and sound are fun, but the real substance of this game is below the surface. This isn’t a game which sticks pixelated sprites on top of a less than polished engine. Cave Story recreates what was really fantastic about games like Metroid; their gameplay. […]

Review: Dwarf Fortress

There’s a lot to hate about Dwarf Fortress. The ASCII graphics, the learning curve, the lack of a definite goal. It’s a game that doesn’t welcome newcomers. It’s a challenge to learn the controls, to survive; it’s even a challenge to understand what’s going on. But for every difficulty you overcome, you’re rewarded with something […]

First post

This blog is all about free pc games. The PC has more free games than any other system. There are a huge variety of fun and original games. Expect regular posts of the very best free games. Stay tuned.